Your Wellbeing

Good health depends on the balance between our body, mind and spirit. Despite a healthy diet and sufficient exercise and rest, modern life has resulted in the pollution of our natural environment. We still feel tired, we have depleted our energy reserves, we never feel fully re-charged, we never feel 100%. We need to reconnect from within and have a calm aura (vibration) to enable all our energy channels to pull in the same direction to be able to truly re-energise or resolve underlying health issues.

Is there a cure for hay fever?

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Sue’s Story

M.E. - My Story I was a classical musician playing the viola in an orchestra with lots of concerts and travelling. I got into a negative state of mind where I could find lots to complain about and... Continue

5 facts about Chronic Fatigue

  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) is characterised by persistent fatigue (exhaustion). Sufferers often feel so tired that they can’t complete normal daily ac... Continue

How depression and back pain are linked

A recent study shows that depression may trigger back pain, rather than an injury being the cause. In fact, people with depression are 60% percent more likely to develop low back pain in their lifetim... Continue

How allergies and food sensitivities are affected by our energy levels

How allergies and food sensitivities are affected by our energy levels Allergies and food sensitivities are commonplace in the Western World. In most instances, they’re seen as an annoyance rather... Continue