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5 Signs That You Need a Break

It is the holiday season and if you haven’t planned a break, you may need to take a quick reality check to see if you really do need a holiday. Here we have listed 5 key signs that show if you are low on energy and it’s time to down tools and escape for a few days.

Your Wellbeing

How to re-energise on holiday

With many of us taking our well-deserved summer holidays, we are often asked what’s the best way to fully re-charge on holiday. Is it to lay by a pool and do nothing, is it to have an energetic holiday and get rid of all that built up tension or is it a spa and treatment holiday?

There is no one solution for the type of holiday, however there are some things you can do when you’re away to help you completely re-energise and fully recharge the batteries.


Your Wellbeing

5 ways to re-charge on holiday

With the holidays looming, we take a look at how you can make the most of your holiday downtime – even if it’s just a long weekend away.

Holidays are about recharging and re-energising and sadly many of us still do not feel energised after a prolonged break. That may be because our batteries are flat and we can’t get our ‘human energy’ back to the necessary levels. However, there are certain techniques you can apply to start the re-charging process.


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