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'More' doesn't bring happiness

As the festive season approaches, we look at how ‘more’ doesn’t always equate to happiness.  But what does lead to happiness?

In the Western World, we are led to believe that having ‘more’ brings greater happiness.  This can apply to many things, such as TVs, cars, food, exercise and so on. Compared to previous generations, we have more than we ever have had materially, but we are not necessarily happier and our wellbeing is suffering.

Your Wellbeing

A busy person’s guide to being mindful

We are often asked ‘how can I be mindful when I’m so busy?’  The idea of being mindful — being present and aware of your own thoughts and feelings as they happen — seems impossible when we are extremely busy.  However, not only is it possible to practice mindfulness almost anywhere, it will also help the busy (and non-busy) achieve their goals in a relatively stress-free way.


Here are our top 8 tips for busy people to practice mindfulness:


Your Wellbeing

5 Ways to Wellbeing

There is often confusion around what is wellbeing. It can be mistaken for happiness but where happiness can come and go in a moment, wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.

Many things can make up wellbeing such as relationships, standard of living, a sense of belonging. Some things can be influenced more easily than others and at Jung Shim, we focus on mental wellbeing and health.

Whilst no one can give wellbeing to you, we help many people to improve their personal wellbeing with simple techniques and a simple focus.


Your Wellbeing

What is mindfulness?


Over the last year, mindfulness has become a popular word - everything seems to be about being mindful. What exactly is mindfulness and why is it important?

Mindfulness is something we all naturally possess. It is when you bring awareness to what you’re experiencing in the here and now rather then just being on auto-pilot. For example, when your mobile pings a new message, you take time to pause and breathe instead of responding immediately without thinking. 


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