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5 Meditation Myths That Shouldn’t Hold Us Back

When we think of mindfulness and meditation, we often think of a silent room or an outdoor retreat. If we’re new to meditation and a little unsure, it’s human nature to find reasons not to do it. However in our hectic, everyday lives, we benefit enormously from just a few minutes of meditation. The good news is there’s no right and wrong way to meditate.

Let’s dispel those myths that might be holding us back:

Your Wellbeing

Too stressed to sleep?

Do you ever feel tired all day but the minute your head hits the pillow your mind goes into overdrive? Not only that, your thoughts move to worst-case scenarios and your imagination runs riot with negative ideas. You then start to worry that you’re not sleeping and so the cycle goes on. The result is seriously disturbed sleep.

Anxiety or stress wake us up. However, there are ways we can control or limit anxiety which is often a result of our own thinking. 

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How are yoga and meditation different?

This weekend is the World Yoga Festival in Reading, so in this blog we address a very common question, 'how are yoga and meditation different'?

In the Western World, yoga and meditation are often portrayed in a similar way; for example you will see images of people sitting in yoga positions, hands in prayer, in a beautiful, peaceful scene. However the concepts are quite different. 


Your Wellbeing

Your 'to do' list is stressing you out

It's January. We're back to work and the to-do-list is increasing with every day. Don't panic, help is on hand. 

Take a few minutes to free yourself or meditate. Meditation is the focus of one’s mind in silent reflection for the purpose of relaxation and spiritual cleansing. If you're new to meditation, the important thing is to remember it requires 100% of your attention to be focused on one area.

Here we look at 10 simple meditation techniques that will improve and personalize your techniques to maximize your meditation benefits.


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