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How Sugar Affects Your Mental Health

Whilst the physical effects of a high-sugar diet are well documented, far less is made of the impact on our mental health.  The evidence and the link between sugar and mental health is mounting and researchers are only now beginning to understand its effect on brain health.

Three mental health issues affected by sugar

1. Depression

A recent study conducted by University College London working with civil servants in Whitehall showed that consuming significant amounts of sugar could lead to depression, rather than being a consequence of it.

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How to Clear Negative Energy Out of Your Life

There are always situations in life in which we have to deal with negativity. It might be caused by another person, or be the result of a situation, or our surroundings, or it maybe that for no apparent reason we just feel negative. However, not only are negative feelings a drain on our own ‘human energy’ but when you create a vibe of negativity, you’re more likely to become surrounded by it.

To break the cycle, the important thing is to first identify negative energy and then to deal with it and protect ourselves from it in the future. 


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Friendships should be part of a healthy lifestyle

How friendships can save our lives

Today, 30 July, is International Day of Friendship and whilst we all know the value of friends, we may not fully appreciate just how important these social interactions are for our health.

Talking face-to-face without relying on electronic devises helps us solve problems, provides a sounding board and is a source of laughter, but it may also be helping to save our lives.


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How depression and back pain are linked

A recent study shows that depression may trigger back pain, rather than an injury being the cause. In fact, people with depression are 60% percent more likely to develop low back pain in their lifetime, according to recent research.


Why does depression lead to back pain?

At Jung Shim, we see two different scenarios that are common for many clients who first visit us with depression (and back pain):

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6 reasons to take a walk in nature

Now the Bank Holiday is here, it’s the perfect time to enjoy Spring’s new lease of life and get outdoors. Walking in nature is not only good for your heart and fitness levels, but according to numerous studies it has measurable mental benefits and it may also reduce the risk of depression.

Let’s take a look at how a simple walk in nature may yield many additional benefits.

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