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How are yoga and meditation different?

This weekend is the World Yoga Festival in Reading, so in this blog we address a very common question, 'how are yoga and meditation different'?

In the Western World, yoga and meditation are often portrayed in a similar way; for example you will see images of people sitting in yoga positions, hands in prayer, in a beautiful, peaceful scene. However the concepts are quite different. 


Your Wellbeing

How chanting gives you an energy boost

At Jung Shim, chanting is incorporated into our classes to help open the energy system and improve the flow of energy . But how does chanting really give us that much needed boost and restore our energy levels?

  1. Chanting calms our emotions. It has been found to soothe all our bodily systems and activates the body's natural healing process.
  2. At Jung Shim we liken chanting to re-tuning the radio. Chanting is reciting sound which changes our vibration, becoming more calm and peaceful so we can  receive Qi, positive energy.
  3. Chanting gives us clarity so we can change our patterns of thought. It also helps to release toxins and removing negative feelings so we can receive Qi and re-charge our internal battery.


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