All our practitioners have been trained in the mountains of South Korea, according to the Jung Shim method.

They offer personalised care taking into account each person’s needs. A number of our practitioners have suffered from chronic or acute illnesses and having regained their health through this practice dedicate their lives to helping others.

Principal Practitioner

Emilie Weston

As our Principal practitioner, Emilie’s wealth of experience, sensitivity and insight, enable her to guide clients emotionally and spiritually. With an energy assessment she can identify inherited energy patterns, which are often the root cause of many physical and emotional conditions. She works closely with each person, helping them overcome obstacles in their life, bringing clarity, stability and a sense of direction. 

Senior Practitioners

Leigh-Anne Miles

Leigh-Anne’s passion and commitment to her clients, combined with her years of experience, enable her to support each person step by step along the path to health and wellbeing.  Her treatments are highly effective for alleviating pain as well as energising the body. Her speciality lies in helping people overcome their deep-rooted emotional patterns, giving them the vision and tools needed to navigate life’s challenges. 

Claudia Dumas

Claudia’s many years of experience have given her a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the energy system. Her treatments are deeply recharging, working to heal the mind as well as the body. Through one to one consultations she enables her clients to unravel the challenges in their life, helping them to move forward by offering simple and grounding solutions.  With compassion and warmth she gives her clients the support needed to bring profound change into their lives.

Ann MacDonagh

Ann is intuitive and passionate and with her warmth and humour she connects easily with people. Her many years of experience as a therapist, Bowen practitioner and counsellor, give her a broad range of skills and expertise to help people with varying physical and emotional conditions. Her sessions are often transformational, giving clients the inspiration and motivation needed to change their lives.

Sophie Davin (Manchester)

Sophie’s natural empathy along with her intuition, enable her to give clients direction for positive change.  Her knowledge of the eastern approach to health, coupled with her sensitivity make Sophie’s treatment sessions powerful and enlightening.  Sophie has many overseas clients whom she supports with regular visits, as well as consultations and treatments via skype. She speaks both French and German fluently.

Grant Morrison (Holland)

Grant’s methodical approach and attention to detail, as well as the dedication he gives each client, enable him to create individual programmes for improved health and personal development. He gives strong treatments, releasing deep energy blockages, providing excellent relief from a variety of symptoms.

Alice Solomon (Manchester)

Alice is passionate about this practice and has worked in many centres around the world. Her treatments work deeply on the energy system and help on an emotional and physical level. She is an experienced practitioner and therefore able to advise on many issues, helping her clients find practical steps to overcome life’s challenges.

Qi Practitioners

Alastair Burns

Alastair’s warmth and dedication to health and wellbeing enable him to inspire his clients. His treatments are gentle yet powerful and work on many levels, alleviating stress and physical pain. His individual approach to each person’s story, allows him to connect at a deep level and tailor his guidance to their needs. 

Anna Harmsen

Anna’s compassion and commitment to each client’s wellbeing enable her to provide a unique healing programme for each individual. With her accurate and powerful treatments, Anna can help with various health conditions, as well as offer advice and support along the road to recovery.

Alex Taylor

Alex has a soft and caring approach combined with a natural sensitivity to her client’s needs. Her treatments focus on recharging the energy system as well as releasing deep seated tension. Her aim is to help clients develop a deeper understanding of the connection between body and mind, supporting them on their journey to greater health and happiness.

Dani Zavirovska (Holland)

Dani’s warmth and care enable her to build trusting and supportive relationships with her clients. Her treatments are gentle and powerful, offering relief from stress, tension and pain. Through her own experiences she is able to share and give inspiration to others, helping them to move forward in their lives.

Hugh Cochrane

Hugh is experienced at releasing blockages in the energy system and identifying their causes. His treatments are excellent at detoxifying the body and bringing back the natural flow of Qi. Through his own experiences he is able to help clients with their health challenges, offering support for both physical and emotional conditions.

Francine Gleeson

Francine’s warm and generous nature can be felt throughout her treatments. They are deeply relaxing and able to sooth both body and mind, helping clients to feel calm and peaceful.  Her aim is to encourage a positive mind when dealing with life’s challenges, finding solutions that bring hope.

Joseph Kehoe

Joe’s treatments are effective to release deep rooted energy blockages and therefore alleviate persistent symptoms of pain and discomfort. His warm and caring nature along with his commitment to helping others, enable his clients to feel supported on their journey to better health and wellbeing.

Sue Hutchins (Manchester)

Sue’s treatments are gentle and calming, as well as energetically powerful.  Her approach enables clients to feel safe and supported, emotionally peaceful, yet physically recharged.  With each session, she aims to provide support and guidance, giving her clients the confidence to overcome obstacles that prevent them moving forwards.