Jung Shim Classes

There are two types of Jung Shim classes; Qi classes and Chanting classes.

Qi Classes 

Qi classes restore the smooth circulation of energy throughout the body. The classes help open the energy system in order to restore the natural flow of Qi around the body; this in turn enables toxins to be released and our internal energy battery to be recharged.

The aim of Qi classes is to regain the connection to our true self by receiving Qi. It is a spiritual practice and ultimately, a journey for healing body, mind and spirit. Good health depends on the balance between our body, mind and spirit. Through Qi classes we are working on each of these, to have greater physical strength, a more positive mind and a brighter spirit.

Clear the mind

Each class begins with chanting. The chants or sounds, have a specific vibration that open the energy system and help clear the mind. Once the energy system is open, slow movements are used to circulate energy to all the organs and systems of the body.

Find calmness and clarity

The class finishes with meditation. This helps us digest the energy and open the energy centre connected to the heart. Through meditation we are able to find stillness, reflect on our lives and create clarity, love and compassion.

Suitable for all abilities

Each class lasts for an hour and is suitable for people of all abilities, with any physical condition. Most movements are slow, some based on strength and others on flexibility. You can attend as many classes as you like; the more you join, the more energy you receive. As Qi increases in the body, it reaches an optimum level from which your energy system can be strengthened and repaired.

Qi Classes take place in the Semtu, a room filled with highly charged Qi energy.  

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Chanting Classes

The purpose of Chanting classes is to help us receive Qi so we can maintain a positive state of mind and cope with life’s everyday challenges. The law of attraction clearly demonstrates that when we are positive and open hearted, even in difficult situations, we attract people and resolutions that allow us to keep moving forward, rather than feeling stuck or negative.

Receiving Qi

Everything has a vibration. The vibration we have when we are calm and peaceful is very different to the one we have when we are stressed or angry. In order to be able to receive Qi, our vibration needs to become as calm and peaceful as possible. The chants are used to change our frequency to one that is more receptive to receiving Qi, similar to a radio being tuned to receive different frequencies.

There are over 30 different chants that can be used, each one with its own unique ability. The chants can help to remove negative feelings, such as fear and anger and bring about clarity, confidence and positive change. Each class consists of 30 minutes chanting followed by meditation.

Meditation for health and happiness

Meditation is a practice to connect to our heart and spirit. The original character of our spirit is clear and bright, filled with love and compassion for ourselves and others. When our spirit is bright we are able to lead happy and healthy lives and fulfil our potential.

The Semtu (meditation room) is a unique space filled with Qi energy and is an ideal place for meditation. The energy calms the mind, making it easier to detach from our emotions and life’s circumstances. By stepping away from our busy lives and using meditation to find stillness, it is possible to reflect more deeply and allow realisations to take place.


Jung Shim Membership 

Jung Shim membership entitles you to:

  • Unlimited access to all Jung Shim classes
  • Free talks and workshops
  • Half price Chunsoo treatments
  • Online classes

Membership Prices

The membership is monthly and can be paid every month or annually:

£50 Monthly membership

£500 Annual membership

Concession rates for unemployed and those receiving benefits

£35 Monthly membership

£380 Annual membership

Online Membership

£40 per month

£30 per month concession

If you are not sure how regularly you can attend the classes, it is possible to buy a 10 classes voucher for £80. This is valid for six months.